Do You Have A Modern Workplace?

Led by Microsoft expert Shanna Freeland, we cover typical business issues for companies running on-premise software or hybrid cloud solutions like: 

  • Difficulty sharing information (especially now; with the home office and virtual workforce) 
    • Unsecured file sharing 
    • Inability to locate or easily share meeting notes, chats, and relevant files 
  • Fragmented solutions, multiple log-ins 
    • Different solutions for files, meetings, surveys, and planning 
    • Separate security solutions that must be licensed and managed on each device
  • Too much email 
    • No centralized place to collect team input in real-time 
    • No ability to collaborate in real-time with vendors, contractors, and customers

With the recent increase in COVID cases and the continued movement to work-from-home, we’re here to help you make remote work a reality for any team. And moving your core applications to the cloud can help and show immediate returns in productivity and efficiency. Download our webinar for a quick 20-minute overview of all the ways you can save money and secure your business by moving to the cloud.

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