Your in-person events have been canceled, probably for the next two months, but you can still hold them online for free.

For $0.00, you can…

Conduct large events over 250 attendees, conduct education virtually, deliver your sermon remotely, or generally get your critical message out to the public, with audiences up to 10,000.

How?  Microsoft Teams Live Events.  Read on.

Example Case Study:

One of our medical Clients needed to reach families of their patients to update them of conditions during their lock-down.  They were expecting a huge audience, as family members are concerned about their loved ones.  Teams Live Events fit the needs perfectly and allowed them to support up to 10,000 attendees at once remotely, so they can deliver the status of their facilities and patients.  That's just one use-case, what's yours?

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. What is Live Events? (Video)
  2. Set up for live events in Microsoft Teams (Link)
  3. Schedule and conduct a live event! (Videos)

Teams Live Events is a robust virtual public event platform, if you need training or assistance in using the platform, conducting your event, or just have general questions around the product, please contact the InsITe Team.  We live this stuff every day; we're the experts!

More on Teams Live Events

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