If you’re tired of doing tasks that you KNOW could be automated, then you need to attend this workshop! Learn how Microsoft 365’s Power Platform will streamline your business processes and save you massive amounts of time. 

Have you heard? Automation is here to help make your life easier – data entry, form fill capture, and any number of business processes can be automated with Microsoft 365; can you think of any part of your job that could be automated? It sounds great, but how do you take advantage of these time-saving benefits? 

In this unique workshop, Business Decision Makers, Department Managers, and Administrative Executives will learn the basics of how to create their own Microsoft 365 automations. With the help of InsITe’s M365 experts, you will learn how to create a standard paid time off (PTO) request using Microsoft’s powerful apps. This engaging session is designed to teach you the tools you need to create your own custom automations and improve your day-to-day business processes.

Streamline your processes and save yourself hours each week! Register for this workshop to experience firsthand how Microsoft’s apps and Power Platform will give you the benefits of time-saving automation. 

Upcoming Sessions (These workshops are offered in-person or virtual)

  • Tuesday, Dec 7th @ 10:00am EST

During this interactive session, you will explore:

  • Understand the process for creating custom automations in M365
  • Develop a Power Automate flow with many critical business process actions: Getting approval, tracking requests, chat/email notifications, etc.
  • Create a form with Microsoft Forms and learn how forms data interacts with SharePoint.
  • Create a SharePoint list for tracking, monitoring, and storing form data
  • Experience the immense value and limitless opportunities of process automation using your already integrated Microsoft 365 apps!

I guarantee that you will gain skills that will save you time and simplify your work-life.

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